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How to screenshot with your iPad

How to screenshot with your iPad

Need to snapshot something fast on your iPad? Well here is a simple guide for how to take screenshots with your iPad. It's easy once you know how!


Whether you've found something cool you want to share with your friends or you want to take a quick snap of something that might come in useful in the future, taking screenshots is just one of the many useful features your iPad has to offer. Taking a screenshot is a piece of cake, so here's how you can go about doing it.


  • Perhaps obviously, the first thing you need to is work out precisely what image it is you want to take a screenshot of - whether it's a particularly interesting part of an article you find online, a spectacular photograph, an amusing exchange you've had with a friend, or whatever.


  • Once you've found something you want to take a screenshot of, find the sleep/wake button and the home button. You can find the former on the top right of your iPad and the latter on the bottom of the device.


  • Hold down both the sleep/wake and the home buttons at the same time. You shouldn't need to do this for long - no more than a second, in fact.


  • Then, to capture the screenshot, release both buttons. You don't have to do this at exactly the same time for it to work. If the shot has been taken successfully, you should hear a shutter sound and see a white screen.


  • You should then check to confirm that the image has definitely been captured properly. You can do this by scrolling through your camera roll and checking that the image appears there. Look for the final image at the bottom of your camera roll, as this is where your freshly-taken screenshot should be.