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Set Up iCloud on your iPad

Set Up iCloud on your iPad

Having transferring data between Apple devices? Follow our step by step guide on setting up iCloud on your iPad

If you want to transfer files from one iOS-powered device to another, there are a number of ways of doing so. Perhaps the easiest one is iCloud, so you need to make sure you've set it up properly on your iPhone or iPad. The process is fairly simple and shouldn't take you a great deal of time or effort - you can either use your existing Apple ID or set up a new account in order to get started. Here are a few tips to bear in mind:


  • The first thing you need to do is to go to Settings > iCloud. You should find that by default, Apple will have already entered the email address of the Apple ID you use you make purchases from the iTunes store. You can use that ID to sign in - or if you don't want to, select the 'Get a Free Apple ID' link at the bottom of the screen.
  • When you sign in, you'll be asked to agree with Apple's terms and conditions. Apple will then send a verification email to your inbox, and you'll need to follow the link included to complete the process. Once you've verified it, you should then find that iCloud automatically turns syncing on for most devices. It will also ask you for permission to merge or replace data on your device.
  • You can then choose which data to sync - your options include contacts, calendars, mail and so on - once you have iCloud set up on your device. Handily, you can also choose to back up your device to iCloud, allowing you to remotely store settings, information and some content. However, if you find you need to restore from an iCloud backup, you'll have to reinstall apps manually.
  • While iCloud offers 5GB of free storage - which isn't insubstantial - you can upgrade your storage space for a fee if you feel you're likely to need it. Simply check the iCloud settings and look through the various options available to you.


Once iCloud has been set up it then becomes simple to transfer data between your IOS devices, whether this is between your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Also remember that as long as you have iCloud enabled on all your Apple devices any purchases you make from the App Store will automatically be downloaded on each machine.