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Counterfeits Products

At The Snugg, we’re committed to providing the best quality device cases to our customers. Make sure you get the best quality for your tech by buying an official Snugg case – don’t get ripped off by a poor imitation.


Beware of Counterfeits!

Anyone who has bought one of our Snugg cases knows that we stand for expert craftsmanship and great quality materials all combined into stylish tablet and iPad Cases that will help you make the most of your tablet experience.

It has recently come to our attention however, that counterfeit cases bearing the Snugg logo are being manufactured and then sold online!

As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; only in this case, we’re not quite so flattered!

Unless a case has our classic ‘snugg’ fit and excellent build quality, it isn’t a Snugg product and we don’t want you lovely people to lose out by picking up an imitation product.

So, to ensure that you don’t get swindled, remember that genuine Snugg cases are only sold through our website, the Amazon Marketplace (under The Snugg and Charon International) and on ebay through our official ebay store: The Snugg.

Amazon and eBay are great places for finding all the products you love, and we enjoy reading all your reviews, seeing your pictures and getting your feedback; it’s just that there are some unscrupulous people out there selling fake goods with our name on, that do not meet our standards. So be careful and make sure you’re getting the genuine article. If in doubt, visit our website and chat with our live help team.

Remember, that any warranty or refund policy that we run will not apply to counterfeit goods and so if you send us a damaged fake we will be unable to replace it for you.

So stay safe and buy from our website and our authorised channels on Amazon and eBay.

Thank you for your interest in Snugg.