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Snugg Galaxy Tab 2 7 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Baby Blue Leather
  • Snugg Galaxy Tab 2 7 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Baby Blue Leather
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Snugg Galaxy Tab 2 7 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Baby Blue Leather

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Care Instructions - PU Leather Cases

Avoid using or placing sharp objects on top of this case, it is very durable, but not accident or damage proof. Keep your case away from direct heat sources. Try to keep this case out of direct sunlight for long periods – it may fade cause colour fade. You should also avoid smoke and cooking fumes. Keep PU leather free from dust, preferably clean your case once a week using a reputable leather cleaner or treatment products.

-   Light Baby Blue PU leather 7-inch case for the Tab 2.

-   Cover doubles up as a versatile stand.

-   Loop for your stylus pen (sold separately).

-   Stretch elastic hand strap.

Our colorful range of Tab 2 cases are just the thing to keep your device in great shape. As well as being made from pale Baby Blue PU leather, we’ve lined each case with nubuck and placed an elastic strap inside the cover. Use it to hold your Tab 2 in the palm of your hand, leaving your opposite hand free to operate the touchscreen. If you’ve purchased a stylus pen (not included with the case), you can even slip it into the loop provided for safekeeping, if not get one here.


Your 7-inch Tab 2 is held in position using a hidden Velcro fastener. The case is designed so that it never has to be removed. Once the Tab 2 is in position, you can flip out the stand and use it either way around for comfortable viewing, or place your fingers through the stretch elastic band for hand held use.


Not only is our Tab 2 case affordable, we’ll also give you a warranty. Register your case when you receive it: from that moment onwards, it’s protected against any faults that may develop in the future. Notice a problem? We’ll replace it for free.

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