iPhone 6 Images Leak, Two Models In Production Next Month

by Dale Wright

iPhone 6 Image iPhone 6 Images Leak, Two Models In Production Next Month

A series of clear and detailed images of what appears to be the upcoming iPhone 6 have been posted online by an eBay seller.

The photos show a device that looks much slimmer and more rounded than any previous incarnations of the iPhone, but it’s still not clear whether this is an official model of the iPhone 6.

If this leak is to be believed, the iPhone 6 will be longer and thinner than the iPhone 5s.  As this would make turning the phone on and off with one hand pretty difficult, Apple is said to be moving the power button from the top of the device to the side.  It will also have noticeable antenna bands across the back casing, and will have rounded edges.  Several commentators online are already drawing comparisons with Android smartphones, as the rounded corners on the iPhone 6 definitely seem like a break from tradition for Apple.

iPhone 6 Back iPhone 6 Images Leak, Two Models In Production Next Month

A report from yesterday also confirmed that Apple will be starting production on two iPhones in July.  One iPhone will be sport a 4.7-inch display, while a second will have a screen at a much larger 5.5 inches.  Both are much bigger than the iPhone 5s’ 4-inch screen, so it shows that Apple is taking the trend for larger smartphones pretty seriously.  Foxconn and Pegatron, Apple’s suppliers, are reportedly preparing to gear up production of the new iPhones to ensure that stock demands will be met.

The iPhone devices are expected to go on sale in September, a year after the iPhone 5s.  One big question is what the iPhones will be called.  Will we see the iPhone Air and the iPhone Pro, as Apple is already expected to be working on the iPad Pro?  We only have three months to wait to be sure.