Apple WWDC 2014: 5 Things We Could See (Plus 5 Things We Probably Won’t)

by Dale Wright

iOS 8 Banner at WWDC 2014 Apple WWDC 2014: 5 Things We Could See (Plus 5 Things We Probably Wont)

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2014) kicks off in a few short hours with an exciting keynote planned for 10 AM PT (1 PM ET).  Rumors have been circling about what will be announced at the event, so we sifted through to bring you a comprehensive roundup.

Five things that Apple is likely to talk about:

1)      iOS 8 – the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system has been widely tipped to be showcased at WWDC 2014.  Multi-tasking is expected to debut on iOS 8, as well as a strong focus on the rumored Healthbook app for monitoring fitness statistics.  Though iOS 8 will be showed off at WWDC 2014, it probably won’t be released until the fall.

2)      OS X – Apple’s desktop operating system, OSX 10.10, OSX 11, or OS X Yosemite is expected to get a big overhaul at WWDC.  Design is rumored to be shifting more towards an iOS 7-style look, so expect a flatter, brighter look.  The OS X update will reportedly be the biggest change for a while, so that potentially holds a lot of excitement.

3)      Apple Home – integrating household gadgets into a ‘smart home’ is apparently one of Apple’s next big challenges.  Apple could want to show this off to developers to get some apps created for specific gadgets and helping start its plan for a home of the future.

4)      iTunes and Beats Electronics news – the Beats Electronics and Apple deal was officially announced last week, so Apple will likely take the opportunity to tell developers about its plans on the music front.

5)      iBeacon – iBeacons were introduced at WWDC 2013, and are Apple’s way to communicate with signals using Bluetooth.  Apparently we will hear a lot more about the potentials for the iBeacon software, possibly including mobile payments.

OS X Yosemite Poster at WWDC 2014 Apple WWDC 2014: 5 Things We Could See (Plus 5 Things We Probably Wont)

Five things that will probably be a no-show at WWD 2014:

1)      iPhone 6 – the consensus is that iPhone 6 probably won’t get a showcase at WWDC 2014.  Apple’s next smartphone will probably be released in the fall, a year after the iPhone 5S debuted.

2)      New iPads – same with the iPhone 6, we’re unlikely to get an iPad Air or iPad mini Retina update until October.

3)      iWatch – up until a few months ago, iWatch had been rumored for a WWDC 2014 release.  After all, Apple’s getting pretty late to the smartwatch party now.  However, the wearable technology is apparently not ready to be shown off yet.

4)      Apple TV – an Apple TV update is certainly long overdue, along with a fully-fledged TV set from the Cupertino company, but that’s not expected to come at WWDC 2014.

5)      Mac mini and MacBook updates – we’ve grouped these together because we honestly don’t know if we’ll see them previewed at WWDC.  The main thought is that Apple isn’t going to showcase any MacBooks or Macs at the event, but we’re hoping for a surprise.