You Can Now Pay For Goods on Google Play Using PayPal

by Dale Wright

Google Play Store You Can Now Pay For Goods on Google Play Using PayPal

The Google Play store has announced that it will now let users pay for its goods using PayPal in 12 countries.

Anyone with an Android smartphone, tablet, or other device will be able to buy digital goods such as apps and tracks using PayPal as the payment method.  You won’t be able to pay for any physical goods yet, such as device accessories, but that might roll out in the future.

If you want to start using PayPal on the Google Play store, don’t worry: you won’t have to do anything differently.  Just go through to buy games or apps like you usually would and click the Payment Options button.  PayPal will be included now, right next to carrier billing, credit or debit card and gift voucher.  It means you’ll be able to make payments much faster on Google Play, and is also great if you’re looking to centralize all your online purchases.

Google Play Logo You Can Now Pay For Goods on Google Play Using PayPal

PayPal on the Google Play store has been a long time coming after Apple introduced the feature for its App Store in some regions last year.  Apple and PayPal have always had a fractious relationship, as the Cupertino company has made no secret of its intention to launch a rival payment service.  Perhaps when Apple releases its own online payments, Google and PayPal will become more closely integrated.

Google Play is integrated with PayPal in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, and also several European regions, including Germany, France and Italy.  On its developers’ blog, Google also announced that it would expand the number of countries that could pay for goods by carrier billing.  Carrier billing is when the price of any apps are added to your bill total, and will now be available in 24 countries on a variety of network providers.  If you want to start buying apps like that, check out the full country list to see if your region is supported.