Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 for Mid-2015 Release?

by Dale Wright

Windows Phone 8.1 Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 for Mid 2015 Release?

Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9, Microsoft’s next operating systems, could be due for an early to mid-2015 release, according to a leaked document that has surfaced online.

The document is purportedly from Microsoft and reveals details of when we could see a preview of the Windows 9 operating system, the Windows Phone 9 system for smartphones, and productivity suite Office 2015.  The next generation operating systems have been tipped to debut between April and September next year.  That might seem fairly vague, but it means that we could see the new operating systems in just a year’s time.

Microsoft Windows Logo Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 for Mid 2015 Release?

It’s probably too early to say with any certainty what Windows 9 will look like, but early rumors suggest that Microsoft is planning to move away from the tablet-style tile-centric look that was introduced in Windows 8.  This was unpopular with fans at the time, especially due to the removal of the iconic Start Menu.  However, most users have now got used to the newer style of Windows – would changing the user interface back in Windows 9 just make things more confusing?

Microsoft has also been rumored to be getting rid of its Windows RT tablet operating system and instead running all devices on the mobile version of Windows 9.  This was further encouraged by the company launching its Surface Pro 3 tablet on Tuesday (20 May), which runs Windows 8.1.  Many fans had been expecting to see a Surface Mini tablet, which would have run on Windows RT.  Microsoft’s failure to launch that tablet seems to send a clear message that Windows RT is an out-dated product.

The leaked document also seems to suggest that we could be getting a peek at Office 2015 very soon, as its status is listed as Technical Preview and Consumer Preview 1.