Nexus 8 will be Manufactured by HTC?

by Dale Wright

Nexus 8 to be Made by HTC Nexus 8 will be Manufactured by HTC?

The upcoming Google Nexus 8 tablet will be manufactured by HTC, if new reports are to be believed.

The rumors stem from notes within a leaked Android 4.4.3 changelist – the source code for the newest version of the operating system.  The code makes reference to a HTC device named Flounder, which many suspect will be the Nexus 8.  This isn’t just wishful thinking; Google has a record of giving its Nexus devices fishy monikers.  The original Nexus 7 was codenamed Flo, the Nexus 10 was referred to as Mantaray, and the Nexus 5 flagship smartphone was nicknamed Hammerhead.

Nexus 8 Will be Nexus 7 Successor Nexus 8 will be Manufactured by HTC?

According to the reports, the code also makes reference to the build date of the Flounder Nexus 8 as May 6 – just last week.  That could mean that the Nexus 8 will be ready to launch pretty soon.  Both models of the Nexus 7 were manufactured by Asus, while the larger Google Nexus 10 is made by Samsung.  Rather than keep all its eggs in one basket, Google is apparently spreading the production of its devices around with several manufacturers.  It’s unclear yet whether that will pay off, as many fans love the Nexus 7 range but there may be those who welcome a change.

Google I/O – the tech giant’s annual developer conference – is scheduled for 25 – 26 June in San Francisco.  Could we expect to see the Nexus 8 launched at this event?  We certainly hope so, though it might mean that Google will stop selling the Nexus 10 tablet to make room for the smaller Nexus 8.  The changelist doesn’t provide us with any concrete rumors about the Nexus 8’s design or spec details, so we’ll have to wait for that for now.  However, if the tablet is due to launch as soon as we’re hoping, we’re betting that news of the Nexus 8 won’t be far away.