Microsoft Confirms Surface Pro 3 May 20 Launch?

by Dale Wright

Microsoft Surface Logo Microsoft Confirms Surface Pro 3 May 20 Launch?

Microsoft might just have let slip that the Surface Pro 3 is coming next week (May 20), according to eagle-eyed watchers at The Verge.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released a support article for recording support for Windows 8.1.  The article originally said that the update “adds support to the Surface Pro 3 camera” – a tablet that hasn’t officially been announced yet.  Microsoft hastily updated the article and said that the original version “included a typo” but it looks like the cat is out of the bag now.

A Surface event is planned for May 20 8am Pacific Time, and Microsoft has confirmed that it will stream a live webcast of the proceedings.  Microsoft obviously hasn’t given any comment about what will be launched or discussed at that event, but popular opinion is that it will be the Surface Pro 3.  The next version of Microsoft’s high-end Surface tablet will reportedly be powered by Intel, and will likely bring some other exciting new features.  However, the Surface Pro 2 was only launched eight months ago – Microsoft might be ready to replace it just yet.

Surface Tablet Microsoft Confirms Surface Pro 3 May 20 Launch?

The Surface Mini is also expected to finally get a showcasing at next week’s Surface event.  Microsoft fans have long been hoping for a mini version of the Surface tablet, and now it seems that will finally happen.  When Microsoft first announced the Surface event, the tagline was “Join us for a small gathering,” pretty much confirming a Surface Mini release.  The little Surface tablet is expected to boast a 7.5-inch display at 1440 x 1080 resolution, a Qualcomm processing chip, and run the latest version of Windows RT.

It’s not known when the newest Surface tablets will be released or how much they’ll cost yet.  We’re hoping they’ll be in stores a few days after the launch, similar to Apple product releases.  Either way, we’ll know more after next week’s press event.