iOS 8 To Offer App Multi-Tasking?

by Dale Wright

Apple iOS 8 iOS 8 To Offer App Multi Tasking?

Apple’s next operating system iOS 8 may feature split-screen multi-tasking, if new rumors are to be believed.

Reports suggest that Apple is planning to adopt the Windows RT ‘snap’ multi-tasking feature, which allows users to have two apps open at once, side by side.  An advert from Microsoft shows the benefit of the snap feature for working, as users are able to record while taking notes.  Apple fans have long been asking for a similar feature for iPad, and now it appears their prayers have been answered.

Sources close to the development of iOS 8 have apparently confirmed that Apple is working to add the multi-tasking feature to its newest operating system.  The feature would be the same as on Windows – it would allow two apps at once to be open side by side.  This would allow for a greater interaction between apps, possibly allowing users to drag content from one window to another.

WWDC 2014 iOS 8 To Offer App Multi Tasking?

However, for the iPad to be able to run two apps at once, it would probably need a massive boost to its processor.  The iPad Air runs so fast at the moment, but if it had to perform two actions at once, it would definitely take a hit on speed.  Perhaps this multi-tasking feature would be best suited for the iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro tablets expected to launch later this year, which could pack a better processing chip.

The multi-tasking feature is currently tipped for the iPad Air, but it’s possible we could see it on the iPad mini with Retina as well.  However, the two windows side by side feature might not really work on a screen smaller than the full-sized iPad Air.  We might get a clearer idea of how this feature works after WWDC 2014 on June 2, when Apple is expected to showcase iOS 8.