HTC One M8 Mini and Prime Versions to Launch?

by Dale Wright

HTC Logo HTC One M8 Mini and Prime Versions to Launch?

HTC is reportedly working on two new versions of its HTC One M8 flagship smartphone – a Mini model of the phone and a more powerful ‘Prime’ variety.

The Mini rumor originated from a French news site, showing cases for the smaller HTC One phone.  On Twitter, reliable tech leaker Evleaks claimed that the little smartphone would be named HTC One mini 2, so no mention of M8 in there.

The photos of the HTC One mini 2 case don’t offer much information about what the phone itself will be like, though it seems that the dual-sensor Duo camera has been missed off this version.  The report states that HTC will release this smartphone in May, so not long to wait if you want to get your hands on a smaller version of the HTC One.

HTC One M8 Mini HTC One M8 Mini and Prime Versions to Launch?

Back to the other rumor – the HTC One M8 Prime.  This news also came from Evleaks, claiming that HTC is currently developing the new smartphone, though no other information is currently known about it.  The name ‘Prime’ has led several tech sites to speculate that the new HTC One model will be a more powerful version of the smartphone, possibly with a bumped up processor and screen resolution.

However, the M8 Prime could also be a larger phablet version of the smartphone.  HTC released a phablet version of the original HTC One smartphone, the HTC One Max with a display at 5.7 inches.  That device didn’t go down too well with the reviewers, so maybe HTC is planning to change its fortunes this time round.

Just yesterday, a new message appeared on Evleaks’ Twitter account suggesting that the HTC M8 would add red, blue, and pink versions soon.  We can’t be sure how many of these rumors are definitely true, but it seems like HTC has an exciting few weeks planned.