Apple WWDC 2014 for 2 June, Promises ‘Exciting Announcements’

by Dale Wright

Apple WWDC 2014 Apple WWDC 2014 for 2 June, Promises Exciting Announcements

Apple has confirmed that it will offer a live video stream of next week’s WWDC 2014 keynote speech, scheduled to take place on June 2 at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET).

The stream will run through the Cupertino company’s official site for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC, as it’s more informally known) and will give the public a chance to see what Apple has been working on.

WWDC is, by its nature, traditionally an event more for the developers, so we’re probably not expecting to see the new iPhone 6 or iPad tablets here.  However, WWDC has held a few hardware surprise releases in the past, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro in recent years.  Perhaps Apple will shock us with a few exciting hardware announcements?

iOS 8 Concept Apple WWDC 2014 for 2 June, Promises Exciting Announcements

The most likely showcase for WWDC 2014 is Apple’s iOS 8, complete with the Healthbook app that we’ve been seeing for a while now.  The Healthbook app is expected to be Apple’s entrance into the fitness tech market, and will reportedly offer various health trackers.  Users will be able to monitor their blood pressure, heart rate, hydration levels, and a variety of other statistics.

It will be an undoubtedly exciting announcement, but Healthbook won’t really come into its own until Apple launches its iWatch device.  There haven’t been any rumors or leaks surrounding Apple’s smartwatch yet, so this is more likely to be released in the fall, rather than at WWDC.

Apple may also use WWDC to officially confirm its Beats Electronics purchase.  That deal will now reportedly cost $3bn, and Apple is rumored to be taking the company’s founders – Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine – on board as part of the acquisition.

The other rumors can’t seem to settle on any products that will definitely be launched at WWDC 2014: Mac Mini, iMac, Retina MacBooks, and even a new Apple TV have been tipped for a possible showcasing next week.  However, sources close to Apple have reported that the company will use WWDC to focus on software updates, rather than hardware releases.  We might have to wait until the company’s traditional September or October event dates to see some really exciting product announcements.