Would You Pay $100 More for the iPhone 6?

by Dale Wright

iPhone 6 Leaked Image1 Would You Pay $100 More for the iPhone 6?

A new photo has been leaked onto Chinese social media purportedly showing the casing of the upcoming iPhone 6.

A user on Chinese social site Weibo, the source for a lot of tech leaks and rumors, leaked photos of what seemed to be the casing of the iPhone 6, held next to an iPhone 5S.  The first thing you notice is that the iPhone 6 is definitely bigger than a 5S, so we might get a 4.7-inch display, as previously rumored.  Earlier this month, an internal Apple email was leaked which seemed to confirm that the Cupertino company is thinking seriously about larger iPhone devices, as that’s the way the smartphone market is currently pointing.

Whilst many Apple fans might love the chance to get their hands on a bigger iPhone, will they be willing to pay more for it too?  One industry analyst reportedly has information that Apple has been in talks with US network providers about increasing the cost of the next iPhone – $100 (about £60) more than the price of the iPhone 5S.

If that’s making you think you won’t be upgrading to the iPhone 6, don’t worry.  The consumers won’t bear the full weight of the $100 price rise; it’s likely to be the network providers who will foot the bill.

iPhone 6 Possible Concept Would You Pay $100 More for the iPhone 6?

Peter Misek, Jefferies analyst, said that while it might seem like a bad idea for Apple to put prices up when more and more people are buying lower cost Android phones, it could actually be a clever move.  He said: “Carriers realise that the iPhone 6 will likely be the only headline-worthy high-end phone launched this year and that they will lose [subscribers] if they do not offer it.”

It’s not been discussed whether Apple will roll out this price hike in Europe, or if it will even go ahead, but we’ve got a bit of a wait to find out yet.  The iPhone 6 won’t be launched until Q3 this year, so we’ll just have to look at the rumors until then.