Top 10 Alternative Uses for a Smartphone Cover

by Dale Wright

You might think a smartphone cover only does what it says on the tin: keeps your phone in pristine condition, while also being something of a fun fashion accessory.

But what if your snazzy smartphone cover actually acted as more than just a phone protector? Well, believe it or not, the first stun gun smartphone case was revealed at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

Stun Gun iPhone Case

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case, invented by Seth Froom, has the power to deliver a whopping 650,000 volt electric shock, while conveniently attached to your mobile phone, giving you personal protection within hand reach. To prevent accidental self shock, Yellow Jacket has two safety features that deter user error. Impressive, eh?

This innovative invention got us thinking about just what else we could use our smartphone covers for?  So here’s our top ten alternative uses for a phone case!

1) A Mirror

Smartphone Case Mirror

You’re dashing to a date and quickly need to fix your quiff or re-touch your lipstick, what do you do? Peer into a stranger’s car in the hope of catching enough of a reflection in the window? No, no, no. The answer is simple: whip out your smartphone case, which handily for you has a mirror on the back, and makes it easy to perform those last minute touch-ups while on the move.

2) A Hot Water Bottle

Hot Water Bottle Smartphone Cover

Wintery walks to work can make your hands and toes extremely cold, so how good would it make you feel to know that your trusty smartphone cover could emit enough heat to keep your hands nice and toasty on your daily commute? This would be a lifesaver during the freezing winter months.

3) An Electric Razor

Electric Razor Smartphone Case

You’re constantly on the move and keep forgetting your all-important charger for your electric razor. Your beard is starting to resemble Tom Hanks’ in Castaway and you’re due in an interview room within the next two hours! Don’t panic. Instead all you need to do is unplug your detachable razor, which is incorporated into the design of your cover case, and whisk off any unwanted hair. This is an invention that is smart and efficient – just the look you’re going for!

4) A beer cooler

Beer Cooler Smartphone Case

Imagine if you could actually use your smartphone case to keep your beer cool on Britain’s annual ‘hot summer day’. Yep, we think a case needs to be invented that is capable of keeping your lager, cider or fancy European beer at that perfect chilled temperature. Plus, girls across the nation will never be stuck for a present idea for their boyfriends with this little gem around!

5) A Stove

Stove Smartphone Case

Anyone that has been to Glastonbury before will know how tortuous it is to not only lug your rucksack, tent, food and drink supplies across a muddy field in torrential rain for miles, and miles, but add a stove to the mix, and your arms are likely to give way! So imagine how awesome it would be, if you could whisk out your Smartphone case, pop it on the ground, flip a button on and bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a stove, albeit a very small stove, but one in which those festival noodles will cook perfectly on.

6) A Hand Fan

Fan Smartphone Case

Whether you are in a stuffy office, an un-air conditioned hotel room, or crammed on the London Underground, there is one thing that will come in handy: a hand fan. Doubling up your Smartphone cover case as a hand fan will alleviate any over-heating, while also cleverly keeping your appearance intact. It will also make you the envy of those around you, who by this point are likely to be fainting from the heat!

7) Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife Smartphone Case

If you are an avid camper this clever invention will be right up your street! Yes, as an amazing alternative, we think using your Smartphone cover case as a Swiss Army Knife will ensure you have no trouble cutting any ropes, logs, or even food up when camping in the wilderness.

8) Table Tennis Paddle

Table Tennis Paddle Smartphone Case

Think you could be the next Ross Wilson? Well practice makes perfect, and with your Smartphone cover case extending out to become a table tennis paddle, you’d be able to play table tennis on the move. Just detach your paddle from your mobile phone, and over lunch challenge your workmates to a quick game of table tennis. This is sure to bring out your competitive nature!

9) Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Smartphone Case

And, last but not least, we think a great addition to the Smartphone case would be a nifty little bottle opener. A bottle opener is always needed at a party, at festivals and at home (where you can never find it!).  It’s not cool to open a bottle of beer with your teeth – we think this handy device would prove to be a ‘must have’ stocking filler by Christmas 2014.

10) A camera phone

Camera Phone Case

Finally, how about a camera incorporated into the case of your smartphone? I know, genius idea. Imagine being able to carry around a decent and easily portable digital camera – I’m seeing photo-based social networks, mobile uploads to Facebook, image editors… seriously, this could be massive.