Is This a Photo of the iPhone 6?

by Dale Wright

iPhone 6 Leaked Image Is This a Photo of the iPhone 6?

You might not be able to make out much from this grainy image, but this could be the first photo of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6.

The photo, along with two others, was leaked onto Chinese social networking site Weibo, often the first place for tech rumours.  It’s not known how reliable the images are, but it’s thought that they came from a Foxconn employee, Apple’s main manufacturer.

One of the images appears to show that the iPhone 6 will have a slightly raised camera, something that a few earlier rumours had discussed.  The protruding snapper will most likely be to facilitate a more powerful camera and we’ve already seen a similar design on the iPod Touch.  However, some Apple fans may not be too pleased about this, as the iPhone has traditionally been a sleek device, without any additions to deface its smooth surface.

iPhone 6 Concept Is This a Photo of the iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6 also seems to look thinner than its predecessors, if the photos are to be believed.  However, it’s impossible to tell from the images if the next iPhone will indeed have a bigger display, as has been previously rumoured.  Reports have also suggested that the iPhone 6 will have a curved screen, made of tough sapphire glass.

We’ve been expecting the iPhone 6 to be released in September – a year after the iPhone 5S – but new reports suggest we could see it a little sooner than that.  Apple’s manufacturers have been rumoured to be starting production on the iPhone 6 next month, which would seem a bit early for a September release date.

This could mean that we could see the iPhone 6 released in August in the UK and US, with a possible September launch for other international markets.  It’s possible that Apple doesn’t’ even have that date finalised yet, so expect to hear more concrete rumours the nearer we get to the release.