Amazon Kindle Smartphone Coming Soon, Could Have 3D Capabilities?

by Dale Wright

Amazon Kindle Smartphone Amazon Kindle Smartphone Coming Soon, Could Have 3D Capabilities?

Amazon will reportedly make its debut in the smartphone market this year with a device that will have 3D capabilities, according to new reports.

Sources who have information about the upcoming Kindle smartphone reported to The Wall Street Journal that Amazon has been showcasing the phone to developers over the last few weeks.  If everything goes to plan, Amazon will apparently announce the Kindle phone at an event in June, and start shipping the smartphone in late September.

The smartphone is undoubtedly a pretty saturated one already, so Amazon is going to have to pull something really special out of the bag to win over customers.  According to the same source, the online retail giant has been testing a smartphone with 3D capabilities, which wouldn’t require the user to wear special glasses.

Amazon Logo Amazon Kindle Smartphone Coming Soon, Could Have 3D Capabilities?

If the rumors are to be believed, the Kindle phone will make use of retina-tracking technology, through four front-facing sensors embedded in its screen.  This would make images appear to be 3D, similar to the way a hologram works.

There’s no doubt that this would seem like a popular feature, or at least would capture the attentional of potential customers.  Several users and bloggers had been hoping for a similar capability to be featured in Samsung’s S5 smartphone, but it wasn’t to be.  If Amazon managed to get the 3D technology in its Kindle phone, it could win a massive section of the smartphone market.

However, if the 3D function is done badly, it could mean that Amazon’s hopes for smartphone success are over before they really begin.  After all, there’s obviously a reason why Samsung left the 3D option out of the S5 – maybe the technology just isn’t there yet?  Users of 3D often complain about how it brings on headaches and is difficult to use.  Let’s just hope Amazon knows what it is doing – we’re expecting good things from the Kindle smartphone.