Neil Young’s Music Player Passes Goal on Kickstarter

by Dale Wright

PonoPlayer Neil Young’s Music Player Passes Goal on Kickstarter

Neil Young’s PonoPlayer, a high-quality music playing device, has beaten its Kickstarter target of $800,000 in a day, raising almost $2.9 million.

The portable device is essentially an MP3 player, although that’s something of a dirty word to music lovers.  The PonoPlayer is attempting to change the reputation that MP3 players have for playing low quality music, by being able to play tunes at higher resolution than other competitors’ devices.  A PonoMusic store, where users can download tracks, will also launch this fall.

It can play content from a variety of file types, including FLAC, ALAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF and AAC.  This isn’t unique; many other MP3 players do this too.  However, it usually has an effect on audio quality, so it will be interesting to see how the PonoPlayer copes with this.  Neil Young has said that the music player will ‘move digital music into the 21st century’, and mean that music lovers will get to hear their favourite tracks exactly as the artist recorded them.

Neil Young PonoPlayer Neil Young’s Music Player Passes Goal on Kickstarter

The device has storage of 128GB, a good amount of space, but no more than some models of iPod.  However, the design of the PonoPlayer is what really sets it apart from its competitors.  It’s a triangular prism, similar to a Toblerone shape.  Measuring just 5 inches in height by 2 inches wide and an inch deep, the PonoPlayer is designed to be easier to hold in one hand.  Its unconventional shape also allows for a cylindrical battery, which supposedly provides longer, more efficient performance.

If you’re interested in the PonoPlayer, your best bet is to get one now.  When it goes on sale in October, the little music player will retail for $399.  However, you can now snap one up from the Kickstarter campaign for just $300, meaning the early adopters definitely benefit.

The PonoPlayer had an original target of $800,000, but the amount raised is currently at nearly $2.9 million.  With another 32 days of the campaign still left to run, it’s more than likely that we could see that number shoot into the stratosphere.