Images Reportedly Showing Apple’s iOS 8 Leak Online

by Dale Wright

iOS 8 Images Reportedly Showing Apple’s iOS 8 Leak Online

Apple’s upcoming operating system, iOS 8, may have leaked online this week, after images appeared on Chinese social network Weibo.

The screenshots of the rumored iOS 8 displayed on an iPhone screen show an operating system that looks very similar to iOS 7, but with a few more apps.  An icon for the new Healthbook app can be seen in the top right of the screenshots, as well as logos for the Preview, Tips and TextEdit apps.  It seems that Apple isn’t looking to completely redesign its operating system just yet, but instead focus on developing new and innovative apps.

Healthbook hasn’t been officially announced by Apple yet, but it’s been the subject of a lot of speculation and is now almost guaranteed for iOS 8.  The app intends to make use of that M7 co-processor introduced in the iPhone 5S and the upcoming Apple iWatch to monitor and track the user’s blood pressure, steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate.  It could potentially take Apple into the lucrative medical technology market and represent a whole new way for consumers to use their devices.

Preview and TextEdit are expected to be iOS versions of Apple’s existing Mac OS apps, for viewing and editing files created on desktops and saved to the iCloud.  The use of the Tips app hasn’t been confirmed yet, although general opinion seems to be that it will offer help on how to run the iPhone.

iPhone 6 Concept Images Reportedly Showing Apple’s iOS 8 Leak Online

Details about the upcoming iPhone 6 have also been leaked today.  Chinese electronics analyst Sun Chang Xu posted on her Weibo account that the iPhone 6 ‘may add pressure sensor and a temperature and humidity sensor.’  This would make sense as many people were surprised that Apple didn’t add any extra sensors to the iPhone 5S, as the Samsung Galaxy S4 already features that technology.  We’ll probably see the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 launched together in the fall, so that leaves plenty of time for speculation yet.