BlackBerry Bold Smartphone Line to be Re-launched

by Dale Wright

BlackBerry Bold BlackBerry Bold Smartphone Line to be Re launched

BlackBerry has announced that it will restart production on a range of Bold smartphones, due to an increase in customer demand.

The company’s CEO John Chen made the announcement during a call with analysts about BlackBerry’s falling revenues.  Blackberry’s earnings actually didn’t fall as much as expected, but sales were still down on 2013.  The technology company hasn’t made a Bold smartphone – recognizable by its trademark shape and QWERTY keyboard since 2011 – but recently showed its support for the keyboard-style smartphones by launching a flagship BlackBerry 10 handset, named the Q20.

The new BlackBerry Bold is set to run on the BB7 operating system, something that Chen claims there is a lot of customer demand for.

Chen said: “From talking to our customers over the past few months, we have found that a lot of them still love devices running BBOS, particularly BB7, and many have been asking for them.”

BlackBerry Logo BlackBerry Bold Smartphone Line to be Re launched

BlackBerrys stand-out feature was always its QWERTY keyboard-style smartphones; the company’s woes came when it began to imitate other mobile models.  Now BlackBerry is going back to the design that made it attractive to business users, maybe it can gain back some market share.

However, several bloggers and analysts think that the reintroduction of the Bold smartphone line is a bad move on BlackBerry’s part.  The QWERTY keyboard phones were successful when BlackBerry was at its peak, but it might be that the market has moved on too much since then.  After all, BlackBerry’s success was down to business users wanting to email on their phones, and pretty much every smartphone can do that now.  Maybe BlackBerry’s success won’t lie in repeating the past, but instead in innovation by creating new devices.

The answer will come over the next few months, as we’ll get to see if John Chen’s trust in the Bold smartphones pays off.  BlackBerry will be hoping that it can recapture the attention of the business users who loved it first time round, and prove that it still has a place in the competitive smartphone market.