Sony Showcases Xperia Z2 Smartphone and Tablet

by Dale Wright

Sony Xperia Z2 Smartphone Sony Showcases Xperia Z2 Smartphone and Tablet

Sony has announced details of its new flagship Xperia Z2 smartphone and tablet at its Mobile World Congress (MWC) event this morning (24 February).

Kuni Suzuki, Sony’s CEO, made the announcement at the company’s MWC product launch event today.  He showed off the Xperia Z2 smartphone and tablet, making reference to their boosted spec and new features.  Perhaps anticipating criticism, Suzuki admitted that the Xperia Z2 smartphone looked a lot like its predecessor, the Z1, but added: “At Sony, we believe details make the difference.”

Taking the smartphone first, the Xperia Z2 phone has an impressive 2.3 GHz snapdragon 801 processor, slightly faster than the 2.2 GHz chip we saw on its predecessor.  The display is a little larger at 5.2 inches and it has an aluminium frame, with slimmer side bezels.  The rear camera will stay at 20.7 megapixels, but it’s also got the capability to shoot in 4K – something that might be pretty cool with Sony’s 4K TVs.

Sony MWC Event Sony Showcases Xperia Z2 Smartphone and Tablet

Moving onto the tablet, the Xperia Z2 slate hasn’t changed all that much in terms of design either.  Like its smartphone counterpart, it also has that quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor.  For a 10.1 inch tablet, it’s surprisingly light at just 426g, and that’s due to how slim the device is.  The Xperia Z1 tablet was only 6.9mm thin, but the Z2 has been cut down even more, to just 6.4mm.  You’ll get 3GB of RAM on the Xperia Z2 tablet, and both smartphone and slate will run the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat.

The Xperia Z2 smartphone and tablet are both waterproof and dust-proof, like most other devices in the Xperia range.  This is a feature that hasn’t really had much attention, but deserves to be paid attention to – if you get water on most Apple or Samsung devices, how do you think they’d fare?

Both the Xperia Z2 smartphone and tablet will launch globally from March, so we’re sure to hear about price plans before then.  The Z1 didn’t get much of a release in the US, so let’s hope that American fans are luckier this time round.