Snugg survey: 1.1bn people around the world own a smartphone case

by Dale Wright

Here at The Snugg, we have a first-hand insight into the popularity of the humble smartphone case. They’re everywhere, and through The Snugg we have seen that their popularity continues to increase rapidly. But how many people around the world actually own one? We wanted to put this to the test with our latest global survey.

The results showed that a massive 74% of those questioned currently own a smartphone case. 74%!

Let’s put this into perspective. According to BI Intelligence, by the end of 2013 around 22% of the world’s population on a smartphone. That’s 1.57 billion people. And if 74% of those people own a case, then that means around 1.14 billion people around the world could be in possession of a smartphone case.


Please click on the image below for the full infographic! The Snugg Smartphones Are Taking Over the World Peview2 Snugg survey: 1.1bn people around the world own a smartphone case

This suggests that a protective case is often item number one on the shopping list of new smartphone owners.

However, while these figures indicate people all over the world recognise the importance of safeguarding their all-important smartphones, it means around one quarter of smartphone owners have yet to take this step.

25% have broken their phone at least once

Few people can claim to have never dropped their smartphone – it’s almost an inevitability considering their size and how often they are used. No fewer than 25% of respondents admitted to breaking their phone once and 11% have done so twice. And a number of particularly clumsy people have damaged their device five times or more, but they still don’t necessarily own a protective case. If that doesn’t call for action to be taken, we don’t know what does!

Some 66% of respondents claimed that protective qualities are the most important characteristics of the product – proving many people are actively trying to safeguard their phones from damage. But whether it’s through sheer carelessness or laziness, some owners are not taking steps to make sure their devices have maximum protection.

Don’t own a smartphone case? You’re part of the minority of smartphone owners who could be asking for trouble.

Are cases now an essential accessory for smartphone owners?

We’d like to hear from you. Why do you own a smartphone case? Do you think that cases are generally the first accessory new smartphone owners purchase once they receive their phone?

Whether you own an iPhone, Samsung or BlackBerry, we have a wide range of stylish smartphone cases that will offer you greater peace of mind while out and about with your device.

  • Robert Estep

    This company advertises “Lifetime Guarantee” what they don’t say is in the fine print. If you don’t “register your product” within 90 days the warranty is only one-year. RIDICULOUS! Either back your products or don’t! Don’t hide behind fine print! NOT TO MENTION when I first brought this problem to the company’s attention my iPad Pro hadn’t even been on the market for 12 months so in ANY CASE they should have taken care of it. DO NOT COUNT ON A LIFETIME WARRANTY FROM THESE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU READ THE FINE PRINT AND JUMP THROUGH THE HOOPS!!!!