Google Chromecast TV Dongle Gets UK Release Date

by Dale Wright

Google Chromecast Google Chromecast TV Dongle Gets UK Release Date

Google has finally announced a UK release date for its Chromecast TV dongle – March 1.  The TV streaming device has been a US-only device since its release last summer, so this marks the first time it’s launched in an international market.

The Google Chromecast device is a tiny dongle that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV, enabling you to stream web content to your set.  Users can then access a heavily modified version of the Google Chrome browser and access programmes directly through a selection of apps.  Essentially, it turns your set into a smart TV.  Up until now, if you wanted to get your hands on one in any country except the US, you had to get one imported from America.

Chromecast Working With a TV Google Chromecast TV Dongle Gets UK Release Date

The March 1 UK release hasn’t actually been confirmed by Google yet, so perhaps it’s a bit soon to say that the Chromecast will definitely launch then.  The date has come from a listing on electronic retailer Currys, announcing that the Chromecast will be on sale there from March 1.  The listing has subsequently been removed, which makes us think that Currys probably wasn’t meant to let the news slip out yet.

The Google Chromecast is on sale in the US for $35 (£27) but there’s been no word of a UK price yet.  However, if it costs anything in that price bracket, it could be really successful for Google in the UK.  You don’t even need to have an Android smartphone or tablet to use the Chromecast: back in August, Google released an iOS app for the device, meaning it can be controlled by an iPhone or iPad.

Hopefully Currys’ March 1 release date for the Chromecast is to be believed, as plenty of customers will welcome a low-cost way to stream TV content.

  • Karl Keyte

    So all we really need here is for iPlayer to support it so that programmes can be “cast” from there. Come on BBC…Google have just released the Chromecast API, so you can just go and do it now. Please!