Apple iWatch Could Have Wireless Battery Charging

by Dale Wright

Apple iWatch Apple iWatch Could Have Wireless Battery Charging

Apple is reportedly exploring the possibility of wireless charging for the battery of its upcoming iWatch, if rumors in The New York Times are to be believed.

A source, who claims to have already been briefed on the rumored smartwatch from Apple, said that the Cupertino company has been testing a method of charging that doesn’t require the device to be plugged in.  The smartwatch would instead be able to power up its battery through the use of magnetic induction, similar to a process that is used in recent Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Apple has also been working on another method of wireless charging for a potential smartwatch device, through a curved screen with an inbuilt solar-charging layer.  This would mean that the iWatch would be able to charge itself in the daylight, but the sources say that this is in the early stages of development and won’t be seen on a smartwatch for several years yet.

Apple Keynote speech Apple iWatch Could Have Wireless Battery Charging

Further rumors about the Apple smartwatch have also circulated online over the weekend.  The iWatch is expected to have health and fitness tracking as its ‘headline feature’, and iOS 8 will also work alongside this.  iOS 8, to be released in the fall of 2014, will feature a brand new app called Healthbook.

The Healthbook app will be able to monitor various aspects of the user’s health, including blood pressure, hydration levels, and heart rate.  It will also mean that users can track weight loss and set up reminders of when they need to take various prescriptions.

Several ‘health-tracking’ sensors are expected to be available in the iWatch to monitor this.  These are also reported to work alongside Apple’s recent M7 co-processor, introduced in the iPhone 5S.  As always, it’s just conjecture at this stage, but as more and more rumors leak online, it seems we could be getting closer to the iWatch’s release.