Samsung Sells a Record 86 Million Smartphones Over Holiday Period

by Dale Wright

Samsung Smartphones Samsung Sells a Record 86 Million Smartphones Over Holiday Period

Samsung has confirmed that it sold a record 86 million smartphones over Q4 2013, while Apple managed just 51 million.

The results mean that the South Korean company now controls 29.6% of the world’s smartphone market, with Apple trailing behind at 17.6%.  Over the whole of 2013, Samsung managed to sell a huge 319.8 million smartphones, compared to Apple’s 2013 iPhone sales of 153.4 million.

The most obvious point when looking at these figures is that you can’t really compare like for like when it comes to Apple and Samsung’s smartphone markets.  Apple currently sells just three smartphones – the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.  In comparison to that, Samsung has around 40 smartphone models on sale.  There’s a discrepancy in price to: Apple traditionally focuses on high-end, higher cost devices whereas Samsung’s smartphones range pretty widely.

Samsung Logo Samsung Sells a Record 86 Million Smartphones Over Holiday Period

So these results don’t mean it’s good news for Samsung and bad news for Apple.  Incidentally, Apple also sold a record number of its smartphones over Q4 of 2013, so there’s unlikely to be too much sadness in the Cupertino camp.  What it basically means is that Samsung is definitely ruling the roost in terms of numbers sold, but not necessarily in terms of profits.

Android is now more widely used for smartphones than iOS, but Samsung might be about to lose some of its market share.  A report from Kantar said that Samsung can expect to be put under extreme pressure over the coming months due to the rise of low cost Android smartphone manufacturers coming out of China.  For iOS, Apple obviously has no competition, so we might see a bit of a different story this time next year.

In general, 2013 was a good year for smartphones.  990 million smartphone units were shifted over the past year, meaning that 2014 is likely to be the year when smartphone sales pass one billion.