Samsung Launches Smart Home System at CES 2014

by Dale Wright

samsung CES main photo Samsung Launches Smart Home System at CES 2014

CES 2014, the annual Consumer Electronics Show, kicks off in Las Vegas this week and one of the biggest showcases is expected to come from Samsung.  The South Korean company has already kicked things off by announcing the release of the Samsung Smart Home system, designed to bring a user’s devices together to be used by one package.

The Smart Home platform would allow users to control every aspect of their home, from being able to switch off home appliances and lights remotely to knowing when each device needs servicing.  The package is reported to initially be made up of three main areas: Device Control, Home View, and Smart Customer Service.  Device Control is the futuristic, ‘home of the future’ aspect which will enable users to use their Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch to turn on and off multiple devices or appliances, whether they’re in their home or controlling them from a distance.  Users will be able to set voice commands on their Galaxy Gear to tell the Smart Home platform that they were going out, and the required lights and devices would be automatically turned off.

GalaxyGear 0769 Samsung Launches Smart Home System at CES 2014

The Home View feature is essentially a security system: users will be able to sign in to their Samsung devices and view their home through the TV, tablet or smartphone’s camera.  The final area, the Customer Service section, will tell users when their devices need servicing or replacing.

Samsung has said that the Smart Home system will firstly be supported on specific Samsung devices, and is expected to rollout over the first half of this year.  However, it’s expected to be able to work with third-party devices in time.

Is this something that you would want for your home, or would you be worried about the security implications of having your home controlled by one system?  Either way, the technology included in the Samsung Smart Home system means that we could be looking at a pretty exciting 2014.