Samsung Galaxy S5 to Come With a New User Interface?

by Dale Wright

tech samsung galaxy s5 user interface Samsung Galaxy S5 to Come With a New User Interface?

Samsung may not have launched its Galaxy S5 smartphone at CES 2014, but rumors suggest that it will be released this spring.  New reports today suggest that the flagship smartphone will also ship with an updated user interface.

Screenshots have leaked online reportedly showing Samsung’s redesigned UI that the company is apparently ‘exploring’.  The images come from @evleaks, a Twitter account notable for being accurate with tech predictions.  However, just because it’s probably a real leak doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see it on the Galaxy S5.  The word ‘exploring’ seems to indicate that Samsung might be looking at a few versions of the TouchWiz UI for the S5 and this is just one of them.  Obviously the work on a new Android-based UI seems to discount that possibility that Samsung will ship the S5 with its own operating system, Tizen.

Galaxy S4 by Samsung 010 Samsung Galaxy S5 to Come With a New User Interface?

The leaked images of the Samsung UI show a revamped home screen and app page, as well as a brand new image-centric news feed.  This has already drawn comparisons to HTC’s BlinkFeed service, but reactions to the look of the UI have been generally positive so far.

It’s refreshing to see such a different design from Samsung than we’ve seen before, as there wasn’t much to mark the Galaxy S4 out from the S3.  Obviously we’ll see brand new features on the S5, as well as much improved hardware, but it would also be great if actually looked like a different phone too.

Now to the features we can expect to see on the Galaxy S5.  We’ve already talked about the probability of a 64-bit processor.  Samsung may want to add this into the smartphone to be able compete with Apple’s iPhone 5S.  The S5 is also likely to have a display at 5 inches, 8-Gigabit mobile RAM and a 16-megapixel camera.  A leftfield rumor also suggests that the Galaxy S5 will have a retina-scanner, probably trying to one-up Apple after the TouchID fingerprint reader.

As the S5 hasn’t been released at CES 2014, all eyes are now turning to the Mobile World Congress 2014 in February as the most likely time for its launch.  We’ll be excitedly waiting for then, and covering all the latest news from the event.