Nokia To Release Budget Android Phone?

by Dale Wright

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Nokia’s mobile arm may have been bought out by Microsoft last year but that doesn’t mean that the company will only be releasing Windows smartphones and tablets.  New images have now leaked online reportedly of a budget Android phone from Nokia but will it be affected by the Finnish company’s acquisition by Microsoft?

Rumors of the low-cost Nokia Android smartphone surfaced online in November, with the mysterious phone being codenamed Normandy.  Most people thought that it would never be released after Nokia was taken over by Microsoft, but a new photo that leaked online yesterday seems to disprove this.

A photo of the device, described as ‘the engineering prototype of Nokia Normandy’ was retweeted by hardware leak expert @evleaks yesterday (12 January).  The image shows the Normandy smartphone with a live screen displaying the Nokia logo and with most of the exterior hidden by a protective case.  The front touchscreen display seems fairly similar to the Nokia Asha – a low-cost smartphone range popular in some developing markets.

normandy asha Nokia To Release Budget Android Phone?

That seems to indicate that the Nokia Normandy will be a low-end smartphone, possibly with a more basic version of the Android operating system.  Perhaps Nokia will use Android for its more basic smartphone products, with the higher-end phones running Windows Phone?  No one is really sure at this stage, as it was widely assumed that the Nokia Normandy project had died after the Microsoft takeover.

However, there may be a simpler explanation to this.  Perhaps the Android smartphone image is just an old photo from when Nokia was still considering the project and it’s only just made its way online now.    There hasn’t been an official confirmation or denial of the Normandy phone by Nokia yet, so it’s probably safe to reserve judgement just for now.  We’re sure to hear more about this project either way over the next few months, so stay tuned.