New Apple TV Box to Be Released in Early 2014?

by Dale Wright

Apple TV New Apple TV Box to Be Released in Early 2014?

Apple is reportedly working on a new version of its set-top box, the Apple TV, and it’s likely to be released in the first half of 2014.

The last proper version of the Apple TV was released in March 2012 and many fans were hoping to see a new incarnation at Apple’s last keynote, alongside the iPad launches.  Apple obviously decided to keep that event just for tablet releases and has been working on its TV set-top box ever since.  Testing for the Apple TV is well underway, and it’s rumored for a release as early as the first half of this year.

Apple TV Back New Apple TV Box to Be Released in Early 2014?

A new Apple TV operating system will also accompany the hardware release and will be based on iOS.  The Apple TV will also contain more content – primarily the introduction of a ‘Game Store’.  Users will be able to download games through their Apple TV and play them through the use of a Bluetooth controller.  The rumors also suggest that iCloud could be used to store the games.  Users with older versions of the Apple TV might even be able to update to the new OS and access the Game Store, though it’s difficult to see how that would work without Bluetooth capabilities updated in the hardware.  Apple might also finally release a proper Apple TV App-Store – something that will definitely be good news to some fans.

While the news of an updated Apple TV is definitely welcome, it seems to put paid to the rumors that Apple will release a full TV set.  The Apple iTV has been discussed for a while now but apparently plans have been put back to 2015, due to problems with content licensing.  We hope Apple can sort out any issues with the content providers soon, but for now, we’ll take this Apple TV announcement.