iPhone 6 Image, Apple Moves Towards Slimmer Design?

by Dale Wright

screen shot 2014 01 08 at 1 44 54 pm iPhone 6 Image, Apple Moves Towards Slimmer Design?

The iPhone 6 won’t be released for months yet, but that won’t stop the constant stream of leaks and rumors about Apple’s next smartphone.  The latest is due to new leaked images, which appear to show the iPhone 6 with a much slimmer design than the iPhone 5S.

Photos leaked onto a Chinese social media site yesterday, and claimed to show the casing of the upcoming iPhone 6.  They show an iPhone that has definitely been dieting, as it’s a lot thinner than the iPhone 5S’s design.  This could give fuel to the rumour that the next high-end smartphone from Apple will be the iPhone Air, in keeping with the iPad’s most recent model.  But as Apple has always followed the pattern of naming their iPhones with numbers, would it really break with tradition like that?

iphone machine iPhone 6 Image, Apple Moves Towards Slimmer Design?

The image also seems to show that the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen than its predecessors.  For the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the display has been 4 inches but recent reports suggest that the iPhone 6 might have a display as large as 4.9 inches.  The screen also seems to have a wider aspect ratio than previous iPhones.

How long then before the iPhone 6 will actually be released to the public?  Some analysts have predicted that it could be as early as this June, though we’re expecting it to be September.  That would put it exactly a year after the iPhone 5S was showcased.  It’s also likely that Apple will release another iPhone then too, to replace the iPhone 5C.  The iPhone 6C?  Or something completely different?

How likely is this rumor to actually be real?  Probably not very, what with it being this early before the iPhone 6’s purported release date.  At this stage, we’ll take all rumors with a pinch of salt, and probably see something more concrete start to take shape in a few months.