Vine Launches Online Profiles and Custom URLs

by Dale Wright

vine Vine Launches Online Profiles and Custom URLs

Twitter’s mini-video sharing app Vine has announced that it will start allowing its users to have an online profile for their account.

The service has so far been exclusively app-based, but has now rolled out to online profiles.  Users will also be able to select their own vanity URLs, meaning they won’t have to have the standard meaningless web addresses for their accounts but instead an address in the form of ‘’.  The feature was launched to verified users last Friday (December 20), but has only rolled out to general account holders today (December 23).

dbb17  vine image 2 Vine Launches Online Profiles and Custom URLs

If you’re interested in getting your own Twitter Vine online profile, head over to the site to sign up now.  You’ll have to already be a user of the Vine app though; the service isn’t opening the feature for new users yet.

This new feature has been coming for a long time, and it will mean that it will be much easier to follow a user’s videos that they’ve already posted.  You’ll be able to look back over a list of your friends’ previous videos, similar to other social network profiles.  At the moment, when a user posts a Vine, it’s uploaded as a single video, with no feature to view their earlier six-second clips.

Vine has also announced that it will launch support for its app on Android 2.3 Gingerbread – available immediately.  Users on the two years’ old devices won’t actually be able take videos using the app though, but they will be able to view all of their friends’ clips and revine them to share with all their followers.  It’s not quite the same as being able to take your own Vine videos, but at least Android Gingerbread users won’t feel like they’re completely missing out on the party any more.