Samsung Working on Own Operating System Tizen

by Dale Wright

Samsung OS Tizen 1 Samsung Working on Own Operating System Tizen

Images of Samsung’s operating system Tizen have reportedly leaked online, expected to be a rival to Android.

Samsung has been working on Tizen for quite a while now, and it’s expected to be released onto proper devices sometime around February 2014.  The current operating system on all Samsung devices is Android, but with the TouchWiz overlay to make it its own.

The Tizen Samsung OS may aim to take a large share of the smartphone market away from Android, especially is Samsung releases some devices on Tizen only.  For a lot of casual users, their loyalty is to Samsung and they’d be likely to upgrade from the Galaxy S4 phone to the new S5, regardless of the operating system it runs.

Samsung OS Tizen Samsung Working on Own Operating System Tizen

However, that all hinges on whether the operating system is actually any good, of course.  We’re finally getting a chance to have a look at the Tizen operating system, thanks to a series of images that were found on the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service database.

The Tizen interface looks very different from Android as Samsung is no doubt trying to set its operating system apart from its competitors.  However, some of the features definitely have an Android influence, such as the notification bar icons, Driving Mode and S-Beam.  Samsung is reportedly focusing on making its operating system quite feature-centric, so it’s more than likely that we’ll see more aspects influenced by Android and even Apple on the finished version of Tizen.

SamMobile reports that these photos are from an older version of Tizen, so it’s likely that the operating system has developed even further now.  In a CNET review from way back in February, Tizen was ripped apart, so you can see how far it’s come already.  When it launches early next year, Google might have a strong competitor on its hands.