Instagram Has Its Busiest Ever Day on Thanksgiving

by Dale Wright

Instagram Thanksgiving1 Instagram Has Its Busiest Ever Day on Thanksgiving

Instagram has announced on its blog that this year’s Thanksgiving (28 November) was its busiest day ever.

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for users of the popular social image network, as artfully shot images of food are some of the most popular items on the site.  The American holiday was no different, with millions of users sharing photos of their table arrangements and festive turkeys.

Instagram also reported that the meeting of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah –dubbed Thanksgivukkah by the Internet – also added to the increase in photos being shared.

instagram logo1 Instagram Has Its Busiest Ever Day on Thanksgiving

There hasn’t been an official figure of how many photos and videos were uploaded to Instagram on Thanksgiving day, but it’s definitely a massive amount.  Last year, Thanksgiving also marked Instagram’s most successful day, with more than 10 million photos shared, at a rate of around 200 images per second.  This year’s record smashes that total, possibly due to Instagram’s increase in users since this time last year, as well as the introduction of Instagram video.

Instagram has been going from strength to strength in recent months, with the introduction of its first ever advert just a month ago.  The new move into paid advertising posts aims to make Instagram into a profitable service, something that its owner Facebook is likely to encourage.  Successful days like Thanksgiving will contribute to its success, as they’ll push up its user numbers and mean that adverts will be seen by more people – meaning that Instagram will be able to charge more for its paid adverts.

Some users have been critical of Instagram’s move towards commerciality, saying that the thing they love about it is its cool look.  However, Instagram becoming more successful is in all our best interests – if it starts making money, there’s more chance that it will be able to stick around for longer.