Facebook Autoplaying Videos Launch on Mobile Devices

by Dale Wright

facebook video blogSpan Facebook Autoplaying Videos Launch on Mobile Devices

Facebook has started to roll out its autoplaying videos, beginning with users on its mobile platform.

That means that users of Facebook for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets will now see videos autoplaying in their News Feed.  The move covers any videos hosted on Facebook or Instagram from all of a user’s friends and band pages they Like, and will roll out to international users over the next few days.  Facebook has confirmed that the videos will play without any sound unless users click on the clip and play it in full-screen, so it shouldn’t be too intrusive.

k bigpic Facebook Autoplaying Videos Launch on Mobile Devices

We wrote about this in October, saying that we could expect to see Facebook Video Adverts launching in early 2014.  It seems likely that these autoplaying videos are Facebook’s attempt to test how well the format works for users before they let advertisers in to the party.  On the official Facebook blog, it states that: “At first, this feature will be limited to videos posted by individuals, “musicians, and bands.”  However, Facebook has made it clear that video ads are its ultimate goal, by saying: “Over time, we’ll continue to explore how to bring this to marketers in the future.”

Facebook is reportedly still testing the autoplaying video feature for its desktop service and doesn’t have any plans to roll it out there yet.  Nonetheless, we can be sure that it will be on the browser-based service before long, especially if the mobile videos are successful.  It will be a different story though, when the autoplaying video adverts finally launch.  Seeing videos playing in your News Feed from your friends and pages of bands you’ve liked might be one thing, but seeing it from brands is something else.  Facebook’s photo-sharing social network Instagram recently opened up adverts to mainly positive responses – so maybe Facebook video ads aren’t too far away.