Apple iWatch to Debut Next October Along With iPhone 6?

by Dale Wright

iwatch concept Apple iWatch to Debut Next October Along With iPhone 6?

The Apple iWatch, the much anticipated smartwatch from the Cupertino company, has been rumoured to be getting a release towards the end of next year and will reportedly launch alongside the iPhone 6.

New reports from China – where Apple’s main factories are based – suggest that the tech giant is already testing two prototypes of the iWatch which will be ready to debut at a keynote event in October 2014.  Since Samsung released its Galaxy Gear smartwatch earlier this year, all eyes have been on the Apple camp to see when it would follow with its own device.  As Apple can’t be the first mover in the smartwatch market, it’s likely that the company is holding out to develop a really exciting product to make sure it stands out and gets back its reputation for innovation.

ADR Iphone6 01 Apple iWatch to Debut Next October Along With iPhone 6?

If the rumours are to be believed, the iWatch is currently being tested with a battery of 100 mA, in comparison to the Galaxy Gear’s 315 mA battery.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the iWatch will have less of a battery life though, maybe just that there’s less to power?  However, it’s still strictly in prototype mode at the moment so there’s still plenty of scope for it all to change.

Another big rumour surrounding the iWatch is the way it will be charged.  The reports suggest that it will come with wireless charging capabilities, meaning that the battery will be able to keep recharging from up to a metre away from the charging dock.  This means that the wearer of the iWatch will be able to keep it on their wrist while it recharges, though obviously keeping within the range of the charger.  Details about the iWatch are likely to change a lot between now and October, so we’ll keep our eyes open for further developments.