Unlocked iPhone 5S Now Available From Apple Store

by Dale Wright

maxresdefault Unlocked iPhone 5S Now Available From Apple Store

Apple has started selling the iPhone 5S as an unlocked and sim-free smartphone through its stores in the US and the UK.

Up until now, the newest phone from Apple had only been available on contract, but American and British customers can now purchase the iPhone 5S handset from the company’s online store, starting at $649 (£549 in the UK) for the 16GB model.

If you want to upgrade the storage to 32GB, the price jumps up to $749 (£629 UK price), and the biggest model – the 64GB version – will cost $849 (£709 in Britain).

It might seem like a costly payout, but users will spend more than that on their iPhones over a two year contract.  Buying the phone outright will mean that users can take advantage of budget sims and will be able to change their plan more frequently.

apple store iphone display Unlocked iPhone 5S Now Available From Apple Store

After purchasing the phone, users will have to sign up for a data plan from AT&T or T-Mobile, which sounds just like being on a regular contract.  However, it means that users won’t have any obligation to their carrier, and will be able to change whenever a better plan becomes available.

An unlocked version of the iPhone 5S was already available from Apple in the US, but only if users wanted it with a T-Mobile Magenta nano-SIM; today’s release means that users have a choice about who they want as their carrier.

All three colours of the iPhone 5S are currently available on the UK and US Apple stores: Space Gray, Gold, and Silver.  The dispatch time for the smartphone in the US is currently 1-2 weeks, whereas it’s just 3-5 business days in the UK.  Apple hasn’t given any indication as to when it will roll out the sim-free iPhone 5S for other countries yet, but it will probably be in time for the holiday season.