Black Friday – The Snugg Ultimate Guide: Top Ten Black Friday Tips

by Dale Wright

a woman writing a list Black Friday – The Snugg Ultimate Guide: Top Ten Black Friday Tips

Only one more day until Black Friday, and we’ve already talked about the history of the day as well as how to get the best deals.  Here are our top ten tips to make sure you get the most out of Black Friday:

1)      Prepare a list of the items you want, and where they’re on sale.  This will mean you don’t have to worry about forgetting any products, as well as stopping you from getting too much.

2)      Check a map of the stores you’re going to.  You’ll save so much more time if you know where in the store the items you want are.

3)      Don’t brave it alone.  Black Friday is better with shopping buddies to look out for you.  If you can’t convince anyone to come down and queue with you, see if you can get a friend to check in on you while you queue, to keep morale up.

4)      Wear lots of layers as it will no doubt be cold when you’re queuing.  However, make sure they’re easy to take off – it will get hot with the crowds inside the stores.

5)      Talking of clothing, make sure to wear sturdy footwear.  Not only will they be less likely to get destroyed in the rush, but they’ll also help you to not trip over.

6)      Make sure you’ve got pockets with zips to keep your mobile, wallet or purse in, so that they won’t get lost.  You can’t buy anything if you don’t have your money!

7)      If you go in your car, don’t buy more than the car can accommodate.  If you have too many items, you won’t be able to get them home.

8)      Also on the subject of cars, bring enough change for parking meters or car parks.  If you’re travelling by public transport, make sure you know the timetables that they’ll be running on.

9)      Don’t get dehydrated or faint from hunger.  Take lots of snacks for the queue and a water bottle, so you won’t pass out.

10)   Finally, come equipped with lots of patience and a good sense of humour!  It can be tiring queuing up for so long, and it’s easy to get stressed out if you can’t get everything you want, but remember that everyone’s in the same boat.

Make sure you’re prepared for tomorrow – or today, if you’re heading down to queue – by watching The Snugg’s helpful Black Friday video guide below: