Black Friday – The Snugg Ultimate Guide: The History of Black Friday

by Dale Wright

a 4x horizontal Black Friday – The Snugg Ultimate Guide: The History of Black Friday

Black Friday 2013 takes place this week (November 29), bringing with it great deals for customers.  It can get pretty hectic, so The Snugg is here to help guide you through it!

For anyone who doesn’t know what Black Friday is (where have you been?), let us give you a run down.  Basically, Black Friday heralds the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  It takes place in the last week of November, and is the Friday following Thanksgiving.  It’s not a federal holiday, so you don’t get a day off work, though many people take the day off to make the most of the great sales.

Despite the depressing name, the history of Black Friday is actually a lot less grim.  It was originally used in the 60s in Philadelphia to describe the heavy traffic that would take place on the day after Thanksgiving, due to the sales.  A few years later, a second reason was created: it’s also the day that pushes retailers back ‘into the black’, as shops usually sell big on this day.

It was originally just observed by big retailers such as Walmart and Sears, but now almost every store in the US takes part.  Increasingly popular is Cyber Monday, the online version of Black Friday that takes place the Monday after.  With stores opening earlier and earlier for Black Friday, many people don’t want to take their chances with the crowds and prefer to take part from the comfort of their computer chair instead.

If you’re planning on braving the sales on the day, check out The Snugg’s helpful Black Friday video below: