Black Friday – The Snugg Ultimate Guide: Past Black Fridays

by Dale Wright

blackfriday12 Black Friday – The Snugg Ultimate Guide: Past Black Fridays

Black Friday 2013 is only a few days away now, and hopefully you’re properly prepared, thanks to The Snugg’s comprehensive guides.  However, despite preparation, things can still go wrong if people panic.

Cyber Monday is growing fast, but Black Friday in stores is still the best way to be sure you get the deals you want.  It’s one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and this often leads to pretty crazy behavior.

It’s always had a history or rioting and violence, but it’s only really since the mid-200s that we’ve seen the worst behavior from people, due to the Internet forcing retailers to push their prices lower and lower.

Last year, this woman was arrested at Walmart after she acted in a disruptive way and had a tantrum, throwing merchandise on the floor.  Her actions led to her not getting the deals she wanted, and probably having to spend all her Thanksgiving money on bail.

Also in Walmart last year, two people had to be rushed to hospital after they were shot over a parking space dispute.  Their injuries weren’t life threatening, but the shooter apparently realised the error of their ways as they drove off pretty quickly afterwards.  Crowds ran in to the store to find a place to hide, with many barricading themselves in restrooms to call 911.

In 2011, a woman queued to get $100 off the price of a laptop and became trampled by the crowd, leaving her with back and neck injuries.  She said: “I saved 100 dollars on that computer. I’ve probably spent 100,000 dollars on medical bills.”

Perhaps worst of all was in 2008, when crowds burst into a Walmart store in their rush to get their deals.  The doors were ripped off their hinges, a Walmart employee was crushed to death, and a pregnant woman was knocked to the floor, causing her to miscarry her child.

We’re not trying to scare you off with these horror stories of Black Fridays past, just to warn you of the potential craziness you could experience.  Black Friday deals bring out the worst in people and it’s important to make sure you don’t lose your head.  No bargain is worth getting injured for, or getting yourself arrested because you’ve tried to fight someone getting the last Xbox One.

To avoid getting injured, just remember to use common sense.  Try not to get knocked down, as that can lead to you getting trampled, and make sure you stay hydrated.  The busy crowds can lead to you getting overheated and passing out, which is something you definitely don’t want to happen.

If you’re heading down to the sales on Black Friday, be sure to watch The Snugg’s video guide below: