Black Friday – The Snugg Ultimate Guide: Getting the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

by Dale Wright

black friday shopping 620km111612 1363291018 Black Friday – The Snugg Ultimate Guide: Getting the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday is getting ever closer (November 29) and once you’ve got Thanksgiving out of the way, it’s your chance to get some great deals for Christmas.  But how do you get the best bargains, whether you’re heading down to the stores for Black Friday or logging on Cyber Monday?


Black Friday – Offline

You’re one of the brave ones, and we salute you – Black Friday crowds can get pretty crazy.  If you want the best deals, be warned: you’re going to have to be prepared to queue, and queue long.  Macy’s traditionally opens at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day, and Target is matching this time this year.  Walmart is a little more complicated: it’s split up its sales into three separate events.  The first kicks off at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day, with the second following two hours later at 8pm.  The final sale starts at 8am on Black Friday, so you’ll need to check the website to see when the items you want go on sale.

The best way to make sure you get what you want is to have a proper game plan.  See where the best deals are for whatever you want to buy: from the iPad Air to the Xbox One.  Next, find out where all the products you want are in the specific store.  You’ll be able to plan out a specific route around the store to ensure you get to your items before anyone else does.

Lastly, just be careful.  $100 off an iPad isn’t worth getting trampled, so just make sure you don’t get crushed by the crowds.  Security guards will be on hand to try and stop anything getting too crazy, but just use your common sense and try not to panic.


Cyber Monday – Online

Shopping online might seem like the easier option, and in many respects it is: no having to fight your way through big crowds of people, and no queuing outside in the cold.  However, it’s still not guaranteed that you’ll get the deals you want.  Obviously, online is open to an almost unlimited amount of people, and items will go fast.  With thousands of people flooding onto one site at once, the servers will probably go down several times, so try not to get stressed out.

Make sure you have fast internet connection that doesn’t cut out every so often.  You only own the items you want once you’ve actually got through the checkout, so if your Internet drops before you’ve paid, you’ll lose your products.  A good idea is to get a group of friends in one place, all with tablets or laptops, so if any of you get through to the checkouts, they can get everyone’s products at once – giving you more chances that you’ll be able to get all the deals you want!

Similar to the Black Friday plan, it’s probably a good idea to check online beforehand, so you know your way around the site and where the products you want will be on sale.


For a quick and comprehensive guide of what to expect on Black Friday, just watch The Snugg guide below: