Apple iPad mini With Retina Display On Sale Now

by Dale Wright

phil schiller 2377614b Apple iPad mini With Retina Display On Sale Now

The Apple iPad mini with Retina display has gone on sale on the Cupertino company’s online store, taking fans by surprise.

The newest iPad mini had been rumoured to go on sale next week, so this sudden move has come completely out of the blue.  Apple fans will be no doubt scrabbling to get their hands on the iPad mini Retina, which has been expected to have limited stock.  Tim Cook already confirmed that numbers of the iPad mini with Retina would suffer a shortage in the first quarter of going on sale, so the small tablet is likely to only have a small run online.  Apple will hopefully sort out the inventory problems before the iPad mini with Retina goes on sale in stores.

ipad mini retina iphone 5s 2 Apple iPad mini With Retina Display On Sale Now

On the online Apple Store, the new iPad mini is on sale from £319 ($399) for the 16GB Wi-F model, with prices ranging right up to £659 ($829) for the 128GB Wi-Fi and LTE version.  The 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi models will ship in one to three working days, whereas all other versions will take a little longer: five to ten business days for the 64GB and 128GB Wi-Fi versions, as well as the Wi-Fi and Cellular models.

Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display features the A7 64-bit processing chip, the same processor that’s in the iPad Air and the iPhone 5S.  It also has the same screen resolution as the iPad Air, 2048 x1536 pixels.  Despite its low stock, it’s likely to be popular over the Christmas period, and will compete with the Nexus 7 (2013) tablet.

There’s no official word from Apple yet, so we may hear more about when it will go on full sale in the stores in the next few hours.  If you’re thinking of buying the iPad mini with Retina, don’t hang about – they’re likely to sell out quickly.