Raspberry Pi: 1 Million Made in the UK

by Dale Wright

Raspberry Pi Micro PC

The millionth Raspberry Pi microcomputer has been made in the UK, a pretty big landmark for the cheap PC.

Our favourite micro PC announced that it had sold one million devices back in January, and has just confirmed that it’s made a million units at its British factories.  There’s another big landmark for Raspberry Pi – it’s also sold 1.75 million micro PCs.

For those of you who don’t know what the Raspberry Pi is, a quick recap: a micro PC is basically the most stripped down version of a computer imaginable.  It’s not much more than a circuit board with a few ports, so if you want to use it, you’ll have to hook it up to a screen and a keyboard.  It’s designed to get more kids interested in programming and coding, and this new landmark is pretty exciting for British computing.

Raspberry Pi Logo

The official Raspberry Pi blog says that the milestone device has had a gold case made, and will be displayed at the company’s headquarters.  The factory in South Wales that makes the Raspberry Pi – run by Sony – has just received several awards for its minimal energy usage and green policies.

The Raspberry Pi has inspired some exciting projects, from a Pi-powered microwave to this garage door opening.  It’s interesting to see the scope of things that can be done with the micro PC, and at just £20, people feel comfortable being able to tinker with it.

However, that’s not the Raspberry Pi’s main aim: it’s to get children engaged with programming at an early age.  The BBC announced last week that a change to the British primary school curriculum would mean that kids would start learning basic coding.  It’s a great way to make sure youngsters will be employable, and the Raspberry Pi might be the perfect place to start.