Google Play Store Gets Redesign, Accidentally Shows Nexus 5

by Dale Wright

googleplay44 leak 578 80 Google Play Store Gets Redesign, Accidentally Shows Nexus 5

Android 4.4 KitKat is due to launch towards the end of this month, so it seems that Google is carrying out a bit of housekeeping before the big day.  Google is redesigning its Play Store, giving it a fresh new look and cool slide-out functionality.

The new version of the Google Play store will be 4.4 – confusingly, the same as the newest version Android.  While they’re two separate things, it’s likely that the reason that the Google Play Store is getting upgraded to 4.4 is because of Android 4.4’s imminent release.  Just go with it.

It terms of design of the Play Store, Google’s expanding everything out into separate sections.  The current version the Store features one panel with tabs for all the different areas of the shop – including Apps, Books, and Movies & TV.  However, it’s set to create a slide-out navigation to make it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

Screen Shot 2013 10 17 at 6.16.44 PM Google Play Store Gets Redesign, Accidentally Shows Nexus 5

As Google works on its Play Store, it seems to have made a mistake on the live version of the shop.  The upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone was briefly set live on the Play Store, before Google realised its error and quickly removed it.

Google hasn’t been so great at keeping the Nexus 5 under wraps, as it accidentally showed it in an advert when it launched Android 4.4 and just last week, a video of the smartphone leaked.  It might all have been a clever marketing ploy by Google though, as hype surrounding the Nexus 5 is pretty high, due to its seemingly great spec and low price.

We shouldn’t have to wait that long until we finally see a finished version of the Nexus 5, and probably the Google Play Store 4.4.  Rumours suggest that the release will take place at the same time as the launch of Android 4.4, and that could be on October 28.