Facebook for Windows Phone Gets Multi-Photo Uploader

by Dale Wright

facebookwp81 640 large verge medium landscape Facebook for Windows Phone Gets Multi Photo Uploader

The Facebook for Windows Phone app has been upgraded to Version 5.1, to allow users access to the multi-photo upload feature.

The multi-upload feature has been available on the web-based version and the iOS app for Facebook for a long time now, and Microsoft had been criticised by its users for not having it on the Windows Phone.  This new update will hopefully satisfy Windows Phone users, as they’ll now be able to upload photos to the site much easier.

The new update also brings the option to unlike content or unfriend people to the Windows Phone for the first time.  This, in particular, feels like a basic feature that shouldn’t have taken this long to make it to the Windows Phone Facebook app.

Another important update is the number of languages that the Facebook app now supports.  It’s tripled – up to 19, so more people will be able to use Facebook on their Windows Phone.

Facebook for Windows Phone 8 Gets Updated Facebook for Windows Phone Gets Multi Photo Uploader

Other minor updates include being able to @tag your friends into your posts, and unspecified ‘navigation improvements’.  However, you still can’t tell who has liked your posts through the Windows Phone for Facebook app, so there’s still more work to be done.  The Facebook app on the Windows Phone is being updated pretty frequently though, so perhaps it’s just a matter of time before we see this feature.

Facebook only develops its own app for iOS and Android, so the Windows Facebook app is never going to be as up to date as those – they’re always playing catch-up.  It’s a shame that Facebook doesn’t make an app for the Windows Phone as it’s really becoming a player in the smartphone market now.  Maybe if Windows Phone starts to make more of a dent in the smartphone market share, the situation will change.