Candy Crush Saga Creators to Make Smart TV Games

by Dale Wright

unnamed Candy Crush Saga Creators to Make Smart TV Games

King, the studio behind hit app game Candy Crush Saga, has said that it’s looking to expand into the smart TV market.

In a statement to Digital Spy, the company’s mobile chief Kalvin Ou said that he wanted to bring King’s games to TV, though they would be better suited to smart hardware than to consoles.

“The consoles are not really part of our plans yet, and my personal opinion is that our games would work better on connected TVs, because that is more our core audience,” he explained.  Candy Crush Saga has only previously been available on iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices, so an expansion into smart TVs would be an exciting move for King.

However, we might not see King games on smart TVs any time soon.  King said that it will only bring its games to TV when the customers demand it, so it sounds like it’ll depend on user surveys and tests.

Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga Creators to Make Smart TV Games

Candy Crush Saga consistently ranks in the top games downloaded from the App Store, and its popularity can be put down to how much it encourages social sharing.  To unlock levels or gain more lives, players can either pay to upgrade, or ask their Facebook friends for help, leading it to be shared widely on the social site.

Last month, King was tipped to be going public on the stock market, with reports suggesting it was ready to file for an initial public offering in the US.  The move into the smart TV market could also be an indicator of this, as it would represent a huge expansion for King.

Though King has more than 150 games available on its website, 70% of its daily gameplays come from Candy Crush.  King needs to spend time making a success of its other games – like Pet Rescue Saga and the new Papa Pear Saga – before it thinks about growing too much.