Instagram to Offer Video Editing Through Luma App

by Dale Wright

Luma app 900 80 Instagram to Offer Video Editing Through Luma App

Instagram has taken steps towards making its video features better, by acquiring editing app Luma.

Facebook-owned service Instagram has been offering a video option for two months now, but it’s not taken off as much as it had hoped.  Instead, strong competition from rival service Twitter Vine has meant that Instagram has struggled to get fans to use the video service.  The 15 second videos you can create, with a variety of Instagram filters, are pretty great, but it’s difficult to edit in the app.  Instagram hopes to change that by merging the Luma video editing app with its own, to offer more editing features to fans.

Luma has released a blog about the buyout on its own website, and confirmed that this means the end for the app alone.  The Luma app will be removed from the App store, but there’ll be support up until the end of the year.  If you use Luma, you can also download any videos you’ve created through it, so you can keep them when the app disappears completely.  In the statement, Luma said that its aim was always to allow people to create videos without having to have expensive equipment, and this new move takes them one step closer to that goal.

instavid380 Instagram to Offer Video Editing Through Luma App

In its most recent update, Luma introduced a whole new range of filters, so it should be able to easily integrate with Instagram.  There’s also image stabilisation software, to remove handshake and make videos look smoother.  You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure, all in HD resolution.

It’ll be interesting to see what this acquisition does to Instagram’s success, as Twitter Vine last week announced that it’s passed 40 million subscribers.   It’ll be a few weeks before we can tell whether it’s making a difference or not, but if you’re a Video for Instagram user, let us know what you think of the new features.