PS4 Will Be £80 Cheaper Than Xbox One

by Dale Wright

Xbox One 2584436b PS4 Will Be £80 Cheaper Than Xbox One

Microsoft has revealed pricing information for its new console.

The Xbox One will be released in November and will have an eye-watering price tag of £429 in the UK and £425 (€499) in Europe.

All bundles will come with a new version of the Kinect camera.

The Xbox Live console has attracted controversy since it was announced. Gamers won’t be able to recycle old games without paying for a new licence, and the console will need to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours in order to function.

Rather than using the connection to improve the gaming experience, Microsoft is accused of using it to monitor what people are doing, restrict the functionality of the device and stop people sharing content.

Microsoft seemingly doesn’t care one bit if you don’t have the internet, or if your connection is poor. Speaking at E3, Don Mattrick said anyone who didn’t want to put their console online should stick with the Xbox 360 instead.

When the new console is launched, gamers won’t be able to buy Microsoft Points. Xbox Live is also changing, with free games being dished out to loyal subscribers. But that’s unlikely to change the overall bad feeling about the new device.

PlayStation4 FeaturedImage PS4 Will Be £80 Cheaper Than Xbox One

Sony has just unveiled pricing for its PS4 console: at £349, it’s significantly cheaper. It will also allow gamers to play used and imported games, and it doesn’t need an internet connection. The camera for the PS4 will be an optional extra, costing just £39 in the UK.

Sony is also launching a new cloud distribution service for retro titles, allowing PS4 owners to download and play content from the PS1, PS2 and PS3. In addition, 100 PS4 titles will be released in the first year.

Head over to YouTube to see Sony’s cheeky dig at Microsoft.