BlackBerry Q5 Will Cost £350, Out July 15

by Dale Wright

BlackBerry Q10 41 BlackBerry Q5 Will Cost £350, Out July 15

The price for the new BlackBerry Q5 has been leaked by an online store.


UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles has listed the SIM free version of the Q5 with a retail price of £349.98.


The site also seems to claim that the Q5 will hit shops next month.


The price tag for the new phone may come as a surprise to the people who were holding out for a budget BlackBerry. After all, £350 still isn’t particularly cheap. Granted, it looks like a bargain compared to the Q10, but it’s still a lot of money. That kind of price puts the Q5 out of reach for most teenagers who are unlikely to be able to get contract phones, yet the Q5 is arguably aimed at keeping BlackBerry’s younger demographic interested.

13 6 2013 BlackBerry Q5 Will Cost £350, Out July 15

Over the last few years, the only reason teens pestered their parents for BlackBerry phones was for BBM, the in-built free messaging service. BlackBerry has now decided to release that as an app for many of its competitors’ devices anyway, which is a very odd move. All things considered, how many kids will go for the Q5, with its small screen and limited apps, rather than the entry level iPhone 4?


The Q5 follows the classic BlackBerry QWERTY design, albeit with a straighter keyboard and a more daring colour palette. With its 3.1-inch screen and dual core processor, it won’t win any awards for innovation, but it’s not really designed to compete with the top end of the market. For BlackBerry, the Q5 is about staying relevant to non-corporate users looking for a fun, practical phone.


If you’re happy to shell out £350 for the newest BlackBerry on the block, you’ll benefit from the latest BlackBerry 10.1 operating system, 4G connectivity (if your network supports it), front and rear cameras and a pretty decent 2,180 mAh battery. BlackBerry now offers 120,000 apps for BlackBerry 10 in its BlackBerry World app store, although that’s still considerably fewer than Apple or Google offer.


Rumour has it that the phone will go on sale on 15th July.