Apple Surprises WWDC With New Mac Pro

by Dale Wright

2013 new mac pro wwdc 640x400 Apple Surprises WWDC With New Mac Pro

Apple unveiled its latest innovation at the WWDC event last night.


In a surprise announcement, the company revealed an all-new Mac Pro desktop computer.


Apple relies on the sale of its very expensive Mac Pro desktops to prop up its computing arm. While the Mac Pro is far too expensive for many home users, it is more or less the industry standard for creative industries: musicians, photographers and movie makers. The new version boasts the fastest flash storage, memory, processor and graphics power of any Mac so far.


The new Mac Pro is a cylindrical device shaped like a large soft drink can. In jet black plastic, it’s featureless except for the panel on the back that sports six Thunderbolt 2 ports (each supporting six devices). The port labels light up when the Mac Pro unit is rotated, and there’s a handle on the top to make moving the device easier.

WWDC new Mac Pro Apple Surprises WWDC With New Mac Pro

Interestingly, the Mac Pro supports 4K monitors (in fact, it can use up to three at the same time). 4K is the successor to HD. This is the first mention of 4K from Apple, so perhaps there’s a new line of Cinema Displays in the works too.


At one-eighth of the volume of its predecessor, the Mac Pro is a true evolution in design. But it’s also a long overdue update. The last version of the Mac Pro desktop was banned in Europe in March because it had exposed fans on the back of the case. EU lawmakers ruled that they were dangerous to consumers and the computer could no longer be sold. Even before that happened, the Mac Pro was quite neglected and the update was long overdue.


If you want to get your hands on the shiny, sleek new Mac Pro, you’ll have to wait for its release in the autumn. All units will be assembled in the USA; there’s no word on pricing though, but it certainly won’t be cheap.