Rumour: Facebook to Add Daily Video Adverts

by Dale Wright

2899308883 Rumour: Facebook to Add Daily Video Adverts

Facebook is planning to add video advertising to our news feeds, according to widespread reports.

The rumours are pretty definite about the new ads. When you log into Facebook, you’ll be presented with an automatic video advert that plays on mute and cannot be hidden. Each ad is expected to last 15 seconds. If you want to listen to the audio alongside the video, it will automatically restart when you turn the sound on.

The news of video ads comes from industry insiders that claim to have seen the new video advertising in action, but Facebook is yet to confirm or deny the claims. From the amount of detail that has been leaked, it seems very much like this is a genuine development. What’s more, it could be enabled within a matter of weeks.

We haven’t seen any genuine screenshots yet, so we’re not clear where the video adverts will appear. They may show up as posts, or they could be overlaid over the feed itself, obscuring your daily updates.

facebook promoted posts 640 Rumour: Facebook to Add Daily Video Adverts

The addition of video advertising is likely to irritate users that have already put up with several attempts to monetise the social network. Sponsored and Promoted Posts were introduced last year in a bid to generate income; now, it looks like Facebook will be selling video ad space to the highest bidder on top of that. As the social network becomes more commercial, the developers at Facebook continue to optimise and tweak the layout, causing consternation each time a major change is made. Naturally, privacy concerns linger too.

So will anyone actually vote with their feet and leave Facebook? So far, no other social network has been able to challenge its dominance; Google+ has a niche professional market, but has yet to capture the imagination of a wider audience. Twitter, despite being popular, doesn’t offer the same experience. And newcomer (or ADN, for short) only gained traction with techy users in the know. But just because these three failed, doesn’t mean Facebook is safe.

Will you leave Facebook if you’re forced to watch video adverts? Let us know in the comments.